Two couples from Iowa, including one from Davenport, will be featured in a reality TV show about dating in prison.

The show is called "Love During Lockup". It's on WE TV and follows the stories of different couples who try to maneuver a relationship while one of them is in prison.

According to a press release obtained by the Des Moines Register, the new season, which premieres 7/21, will feature two couples from Iowa.

Savannah & Jake- Iowa City

Love During Lockup via Instagram
Love During Lockup via Instagram

According to the Des Moines Register, Savannah connected with Jake after she reached out to prison wives on Facebook to help her prepare for a theatre role. She has since become a prison reform advocate.

The press release said about the couple:

Jake has real concerns about Savannah’s jealousy and neediness as he serves the remainder of his sentence. The separation is getting to the pair as they both battle trust issues. Will they trust each other enough to make it another five years?


Keith & LaTisha- Davenport

Love During Lockup via Instagram
Love During Lockup via Instagram

LaTisha is a divorced mom of two that apparently surprised everyone in her life when they found out she was dating Keith. The press release said:

At first, Latisha was skeptical, and her intention was only to be Keith’s pen-pal, but eventually Keith won her over. Will they withstand life’s challenges?

There are a total of six couples in this season of Love During Lockup. It premieres at 8:00 p.m. on WE TV on July 21st.

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