Three Iowa cities are among the "most desirable summer locations for retirees".

One highlight of retirement has to be "snowbirding", or spending a season somewhere warmer than where you normally live. IraInvesting looked at the top "snowbird migration" routes across America and it may surprise you that not only are 3 Iowa cities on the list, but one city is in the top 15 summer destinations for retired folks.


You may never actually guess what Iowa city broke the top 15 snowbird migration routes. A survey asked 3,000 retirees what their "ultimate retirement destination combinations" are and you go.

Folks who normally spend their winters in St. Petersburg, Florida are the same people spending their summers in Cedar Rapids. This route ranks #13!

Cedar Rapids is a top summer destination for retirees. Who knew??

Also on the list at #117 is Des Moines (those snowbirds are spending winters in Laredo, Texas), and at #118 is Iowa City (whose snowbirds spend winters in Montgomery, Alabama).

The number one route is summers in Fort Collins, Colorado with winters in Long Beach, California. My guess is that it would be one of the more expensive travel habits on the list.

Iowa's pretty chill so I can't blame the snowbirds for spending summers here. Illinois found it's way on the list too, with Chicago ranking #25 for summer destination, Springfield at #33, and Peoria at #40.

Cedar Rapids even outranked Chicago. Dang. You can see the full list of journeys that snowbirds want to take on IraInvesting's website.

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