2020 has been the year of social distancing. Many of us will not be seeing the distant or close relatives we see every year for the holidays. People are feeling isolated, and more alone then ever before. That's why it is important to reach out to family over the holidays.

No matter the age one of these ways will work for almost any relative.

The first one is a classic. Sending a card. Some family may not know how to use phones, or Zoom. It sounds crazy, but plenty of people still struggle with phones. Those relatives will most likely already be sending you cards, so you sending one back to them could make their whole day.

This one is the easiest, but over looked. Just a phone call can truly make someone feel special and remembered. Most family members would be ecstatic to hear from you.

Zoom calls are also very useful. These calls can include multiple family members, so if you come from a bigger family this is a great way to connect with all of them. Setting up a meeting is easy. You can set one up and send all of your family the link to join for a specific date.

Hopefully one of these can work for you and those family members you won't be able to see in person this year. Make sure to spread love and cheer this holiday season!

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