It seems like we've pretty much skipped Spring and gone straight to Summer here in the QC. There's been some storms, sure, but for the most part it's just gotten sunny and very, very hot.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we hit the upper 90s, and I finally caved to turning on my air conditioning. But in the evening it got a bit cooler, so I took advantage and did some adventuring on my bike.

I cruised up and down the river, and it was one of the nicest rides I've had in awhile. Here's why you should add it to your summer activities list!


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    It's a good workout

    Biking along the river can be a long ride. But the beauty of it is that you don't realize how far you've gone because it's so easy. It's mostly smooth terrain, and your legs don't have to work too hard. It's a good way to stay active that doesn't even feel like a workout (how can we get running to feel like that?)

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    You'll get gorgeous photos

    Snapping a picture worthy of sharing is a task. You have to find the right angle, the right lighting, etc. Along the river, it's surprisingly easy. I captured the picture below of the sunset over the bridge while biking down River Dr. No filter needed!

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    It's a different way of seeing the QC

    I've lived here for about two months now, and have gone out exploring as much as I can. I've driven around the QC, I've gone to local hangouts and immersed myself as much as possible. Biking along the river, you get a whole new view of the Quad Cities. You see just how interconnected places are, plus you get an incredible view of the bridges and architecture of the area.

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    It's a great family activity

    Since it's such an easy ride, it's easy for kids to do it. Their legs won't get tired so quickly, and you can get outside as a family. There's plenty of places to rest along the way, and everyone will get a good night's sleep at the end of things.

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    You feel like you're in a Disney movie

    I'll be honest, it was difficult not to belt out "Just Around The Riverbend" while riding this weekend. With the cool breeze, the gorgeous scenery and the many (MANY) little creatures running across the path, it was a perfect combination. It felt like something straight out of a Disney film, and don't we all want to be part of that at some point?

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