As someone who is Generation Z, I get called a Millennial a lot. It's been a joke for years now that Millennial's know nothing, but this one is for my generation. I took the test with FBE on these Abbreviations and I failed hard. How many do you know?

Answers are at the bottom of the page. 

1) ATM

We use it all the time and yet I have no clue what it stands for.

2) AOL

I grew up using it, but now have no clue what it means!

3) SUV

This is the only one I know.


I am disappointed in myself for not knowing this one...

5) IQ

Come on! Why don't I know this?!


This one makes no sense to me.

7) AM & PM

Don't let this one trick you!

How did you do on this? In a recent test with teens, only 8% could get get half of them correct. Here are the answers.

1. Automated Teller Machine

2. American Online

3. Sport Utility Vehicle.

4. Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

5. Intelligence Quotient.

6. Répondez S'il Vous Plaît

7. Ante Meridiem & Post Meridiem