It may be the worst weather season of the year right now, but it's the best snack time of the year. Think about it; we have the post-Valentine's Day Candy sales AND it's Girl Scout Cookie season. There's got to be a song written about that somewhere.

Now, you can combine your love of those famous little cookies with your love for coffee. Yes, a Girl Scout Cookie drink is coming. To be specific, it's a Samoa Cookie Frappe, and it'll be at Coffee Revolution in Davenport.

Check it out:

Based on the photo, it looks like the drink has all the caramel and coconut goodness, plus a little extra chocolate. If you're looking for extra Samoas to go with it, you could always try this version. (Spoilers, Jason Momoa is involved).

Personally, I've always loved the S'mores sandwiches and the shortbread cookies. The latter go great with hot cocoa! Which cookies are your favorite?

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