Why do some of the best things in life seem to get more expensive?

We're a hot minute away from Girl Scouts' Cookie season but it's a staple of the calendar year for me. I'm not a Thin Mints fan (don't @ me) but the Tagalongs and the Samoas have my heart. Girl Scout Cookie season generally runs from January-April.


But Girl Scout Cookie season 2024 is going to look a little bit different, especially in Illinois. There are a couple of reasons why.

AZ Central says that Girl Scout Councils in Iowa & Illinois are raising their cookie box prices from $5 to $6 because of manufacturing costs. The Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois said prices for cookie manufacturing will rise by 10% between 2023 and 2024.

As a Cookie Monster, I don't mind paying an extra $1 for the cookies. It goes towards helping young minds and giving me something to munch on while binging Netflix. But the dollar raise is only one-half of the things Cookie Monsters should look out for.

The Other Issue: Why We Can't Have Nice Things


The other half of the issue is 100% the fault of humans. The universe lost it's mind with the Raspberry Rally flavor this last spring. It was the first cookie to be an online sale exclusive and after it sold out in March, a weird resale blowup happened. I found boxes of this cookie on sale on eBay for $350.

These resales of course aren't Girl Scout-sanctioned and they were not happy about it so they discontinued the flavor and we won't see it in 2024.

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