This guy might just have the cleanest car in the Quad Cities. (I would say in the world, but did you know that they actually invented a self-cleaning car? That's a conversation for another day though).

According to WQAD, Lou Riojas has officially washed his car 500 times. Now, this is all over the course of 12 years, back when Riojas bought it new. But even so, it's impressive! I get my car washed maybe twice a month? If it rains hard enough, it's like a free car wash to me.

But Riojas takes his car in every day after it rains, like clockwork. In total, he estimates he's spent nearly $10k on car washes over the years. If you're looking for it while you're out and about, it’s a red G-6 Pontiac (and it probably sparkles at this point).

I feel like my car might be mad at me now, to be honest.

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