Try not to get too offended, Iowans.

Thrillist just did the unimaginable. The popular listicle website named Iowa as having some of the worst cuisine in the United States.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Iowa ranked #45 out of 50 on the list of states with the best food. We can only assume that because Iowa wasn't near the top of the list, Thrillist gives the state a big fat thumbs down when it comes to good eats.

Among the reasons Iowa ranked so low? Our penchant for big pork tenderloins. Seriously.

To that, we say you obviously haven't tried the tenderloin, Thrillist.

As for Illinois, well, they fared MUCH better. The Land of Lincoln comes in at number 7, but that's pretty much thanks to Chicago style pizza, as Thrillist points out.

In an interesting turn of events, Texas won the top spot, due to its abundance of barbecue and international cuisine.

Whatever, Thrillist. Iowa is still number one in our hearts.

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