It's always upsetting to see stories like this.

According to the QC Times, Rosewood Care Center in Moline was recently cited for patient abuse and neglect.

The nursing home was fined $2,200 for three licensure violations. Four patients claimed they experienced verbal abuse and neglect at Rosewood, and two have said they continue to suffer emotional distress from the incident.

During one incident last fall, a patient was mistreated by a CNA when the patient's catheter became entangled in a shower lift. When the patient complained of pain, the CNA verbally abused her. The CNA was terminated following the incident.

Several other times, a patient would ring their call light and a CNA would respond by turning off the lights in a patient's room instead of assisting them. One CNA told another "She can sit. I can't stand her." A CNA was also accused of telling a patient they smelled.

A third CNA refused to help a patient get to the toilet. The patient was found crying and upset on her bed.

The administrator at the time of the incidents resigned last fall and has since been replaced.

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