Well, this is one way to melt the snow!

After several inches of snow hit the Quad Cities this week, salt trucks and snow plows were out in full force. Unfortunately, one salt truck hit a big of a snag. According to WQAD, a semi-truck delivering a load of salt to East Moline caught fire as soon as it reached its destination.

The fire started where the tires connect to the cab of the truck on Tuesday morning. Per WQAD's report, the Silvis Fire Department said that "upon pulling into the maintenance yard the driver heard a pop coming from the middle set of tires."

The good news is the fire was put out, the salt itself did not catch on fire and no injuries were reported from the incident. I'm willing to bet that the snow was fully melted under that truck though!

Note: do not try to melt the snow in your driveway with fire.


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