I always loved finding things to do after school when I was a preteen and young teen in school. My parents always tried their best to help me find those fun activities to do, and if you're looking for after school activities for your kids, the Bettendorf public library wants to help you out.

It's a place to explore, hang out and have fun with others in an always safe and relaxed environment. If you know someone who needs a place to relax after-school. They can come in and enjoy video games, crafts, board games or just hang out. There is never a shortage of fun and activities at the library, there is also learning opportunities.

This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Bettendorf Public Library. It is always free and happens weekly. It starts today at 3pm and goes until 5pm. It is perfect for those looking for fun events after class.

The public library has multiple events happening daily for all ages, and it is almost always free. If you or someone is looking for an event from movies, bored games,  study groups, and more. The Bettendorf public library has you covered.

For more information about this event and others you can go to the Bettendorf public library website. here. 

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