Aldi's has become my favorite place to shop. It would be hard for me to choose my favorite products, but that's just what the grocery chain wants to know.

What are some of your 'fan favorites?' If you take Aldi's survey you could win a nice gift card in return. More on how to take the survey in a minute. Would it be easy for you to choose your favorite stuff?

This won't be an easy task for me, there are so many great things there. Would I choose the  New Year Countdown wine sampler?


How about the heart-shaped Mama Cozzi's cheese pizza? Aldi is bringing back it's Fan's Favorite's again this year. Loyal customers can vote on their favorite products and get a chance to win $100 Aldi gift cards.

It's easy to qualify for the gift cards. Simply take the survey here. If you don't see your favorite Aldi products on the list, enter your own. 20 lucky winners will get a $100 Aldi gift card.

You guys seriously have to try this stuff. It's insane.

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