Merry Christmas to us! Well, if you're a fan of Long Island Iced Tea, that is. We are still scarred from the gross way that Applebee's makes their $1 margaritas, but that doesn't stop the chain from offering another drink for just a buck.

According to People, all Applebee's locations, including those in the QCA, are rolling out $1 Long Islands for the rest of the year.

I guess we can all appreciate the effort Applebee's is making to right the wrongs of that disgusting Dollarita video, plus who doesn't love the idea of treating their friends to a round of drinks for just some pocket change?

Because some were concerned about the amount of alcohol actually in those watered-down margs, the restaurant is assuring us that the new drink special will be able to get you plastered while only having to spend a dollar or two. The drinks apparently contain 1.5 ounces of hard liquor each. Um, yeah, Happy Holidays indeed.

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