It's a story that ended badly for the mugger who tried to mess with her.

For once, it's great to read about a woman escaping the men who planned to mug her. What they didn't expect is that she would be a golden gloves champion with lightning-fast instincts.

According to,

"On Sunday, Quinn was on the way to Unanimous Boxing to meet her trainer around 10:30 a.m. She was on the 1600 block of North Damen Avenue when a teen asked her for directions. She gave him directions and then a man came up and threw her on the ground.

"She said she couldn't get a clean shot to the head because it was too far, so she went for the next best thing and hit him in the groin, and kept hitting him in the groin," Quinn’s trainer, Trinidad Garcia, said."

Quinn suffered a concussion during the attempt and has had to cancel a previously scheduled fight as a result. Other than that, she's visiting with her family in Florida.

Thank goodness she had the instincts to know what to do. I'm thinking we all should step up our fighting game and send anyone who dare come after us, running in 15 seconds like she did.

What a She-ro.