Mother's Day weekend is upon us once again! Hopefully, you've got some fun activities with the family planned, and the kids have a few tricks up their sleeves. But, on the off chance that they forgot to buy a card, consider this a stand-in! (Obviously you should still give them a hard time, but not too too hard).

To you, you awesome mom:

Thanks for everything you've done and continue to do. Even if us kids don't say it — because we definitely don't talk about it enough — we know that we owe you big time. You've always looked out for us, creating opportunities where you could.

You were never cranky when we woke you in the middle of the night because we felt sick, and you were always on our team when something went wrong. And when we were the ones who were in the wrong, well, you gave us that supportive but tough love.

We kids wouldn't be the people we are without your influence. And we know how exhausting we were, so take a nap this weekend. Take three or four. You've earned it, and we love you.

Happy Mother's Day!

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