Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday, May 9th. If you're still confused about what to get your mom to show her how much you love her, don't forget, flowers is always a good choice to go with your gift. But what flowers should you get your mom? A new study has come out showing what flowers moms in each state would love to get this Mother's Day.

Before we get to what flowers moms in the Quad Cities want to get this Mother's Day, let me remind you one thing. Majority of people will be buying flowers for Mother's Day. Don't wait last minute to get flowers and make sure you call now before you're stuck with nothing to give your mom!

A new study from Breck's reveals the most popular Mother's Day flower in each state. To determine the most popular flower, Breck's conducted a study to give us those answers. Their study consisted of two parts:

First, the team at Breck's looked at the average Google Trends search volume of 20 common flower types during the week leading up to Mother’s Day over the past five years. That data helped certify the most popular Mother’s Day flower in each state.

Second, they surveyed 700 moms across the U.S. about what they want most for Mother’s Day in terms of flowers, gifts, and experiences. After analyzing the responses, Breck's built the following guide to a perfect Mother’s Day.

These are the most popular Mother's Day flower in each state:

Breck's found that depending on what side of the Mississippi River your mom is on, depends on the flower she most likely would like to get this Sunday.

If your mom is an Iowan, she would most likely prefer Poppies. Illinois moms would prefer to get the flower most American moms prefer, roses.

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Check out more data Breck's found to help make this the best Mother's Day ever:

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