The phenomena called 'Joni Luck'
The phenomena called 'Joni Luck'

Do you ever have the dumbest injuries? Me too.

The list is growing by the day of stupid injuries I get. I don't mean for them to happen. This is a real case of 'injury finds me.'  Just like the old saying goes about trouble, except not.

I have broken my foot singing karaoke, I have shut my own pinky finger in the car door as I was quietly closing it behind me, I have had a granola bar break off  while I took a bite and had a piece defy the laws of gravity and physics in order to make the semi-circle trip up and into my eyeball.  What else is there to do but laugh?

Today was no exception. I was chatting with a nice lady who helped me today. I moved my hands in a normal motion and apparently, even that is dangerous. You see, I bumped my fingernail on the counter at work and it cracked my thumbnail. I did it to the other thumb yesterday. It happens when you use your hands a lot.

I didn't know that a teeny thread was going to not only get stuck on the even teenier crack in my nail, but also pull the thread so a hole was made in my shirt and nearly rip off part of my nail! In one fail swoop of 2 seconds or less, this all  happened.

Thank goodness for my ladies at work. One cut the string while the other grabbed a nail file for me. Both are just as baffled as I am about HOW this happens to me.

All I can do is look at them, bewildered, and say "Another case of 'Joni Luck' has struck again.'

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