Minnesota began requiring citizens to wear masks in public as of last Saturday, July 25. Illinois began mandating masks back in June. Now today, July 30, Wisconsin has become the 34th state to do the same. According to the Milwaukee Journal, Iowa's neighbor to the northeast will require all Wisconsin residents aged 5 and up to wear face masks while indoors, at least until the end of September. The fine if you don't is $200 and the law takes effect on August 1, which is this Saturday.

So with 34 states requiring masks, including three of our neighbors, is it just a matter of time before Iowa joins in? Probably not. Remember, we were one of only a few states that never had a shelter in place mandate. So, the thought is Gov. Reynolds will not mandate masks in Iowa. However, this isn't without question by some, the Des Moines Register reported on some Iowa physician groups that have strongly urged the governor to order public to wear masks, much like our neighbors. Still, given her past relaxed track record during the pandemic, don't expect a mandate in Iowa.

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