The Midwest is known for its wild and unpredictable weather. As the temps start to rise and the snow begins to disappear from the ground, many look forward to spring and warmer days. The winter for 2021 gave us a lot. We deserve a break.

Sadly some think that we still have a few potential storms ahead of us. They are saying we are in a "Fool's Spring."

What is a Fools Spring?

A false precondition to the real change in season. Just a chance for the weather to raise our hopes and dashed them with an icy surprise.

That thought isn't enterally crazy. We can see huge snow storms in March. My mom still tells me about the day I was born, March 7th 1998. That day is notorious in some people's minds due to a major blizzard in Iowa, and other parts of the Midwest!

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Thankfully as of now, no professionals are predicting anything crazy like that heading our way, but a little bit of snow may be a possibility. I for one am hoping the snow is gone for good, and we can start enjoying the beautiful weather in the Quad Cities. What do you think? Is winter over?

The only way I am cool with snow is if it's the type that is gone by midday! No matter what happens here in the QC, as always stay safe out there Quad Cities!

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