Fall is the season to celebrate everything haunted. Are you brave enough to stay at this haunted hotel in Illinois?

On the surface, this looks like any small-town, cute, Illinois, boutique, hotel. But when you hear about one of the 'permanent' residents of this hotel, you may feel a chill run down your spine. More about that resident in a minute.

About this time of year, many of us hit the road to see the seasonal changes and fall foliage. This quaint little hotel is located along the Great River Road trail and is the perfect place to stop off for the night.

But maybe it's not for the faint of heart.

The Ruebel Hotel in Grafton, Illinois (just under a four hour drive from the Quad Cities) is an adorable restored hotel about 200 miles south of the Quad Cities that's steeped in history.

Ruebel Hotel

Originally constructed in 1879, the Ruebel suffered a devastating fire in 1912 and was rebuilt. Since that time, the Hotel has weathered the test of time, and undergone renovations over the years. Learn more about our history.

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The rooms have all the modern conveniences including flat screen TVs, pillow topped mattresses and WIFI. The owners have kept the traditions of the hotel alive, but it also seems like maybe a few spirits have decided to hang around as well.

Ruebel Hotel photo

According to the hotel website, as the new owners of the Ruebel relocated to the premises, they stayed in the lower back rooms of the hotel. During the winter, when guests are typically more sparse, they began to notice strange occurrences in the quiet of the halls – soft footsteps in the twilight hours of morning, curious smells, and small items mysteriously vanishing as though a child had taken them.

Ruebel Hotel photo

These occurrences - along with unexplained orbs in the photographs taken by many recent guests - have given rise to the rumors of the existence of "Abigail", a little ghost girl who may still roam the halls of the Ruebel years after her passing, playfully toying with an occasional guest.

Ruebel Hotel photo

Here's a post from social media about a guest's experience.
Would you be brave enough to spend the night there? The Ruebel Hotel is a historic hotel located at 207 - 215 E. Main St. in Grafton, Illinois. 

Ruebel Hotel photo

The Commercial style building features decorative brickwork typical of the style; the building's cornice has brick corbelling, and raised brick panels decorate the space above the second-story brick arched windows. The hotel, which also included a saloon and a restaurant, gained a reputation as one of the best in Jersey County.

Ruebel Hotel

It is the only surviving hotel in Grafton.The hotel was added to the National Register of Historic Places on February 16, 1994. You can book yourself a room here. Prices range from $14-149 per night.

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