With many Haunted houses opening up this week, and last week, some owners are worried about attendance while others are confident people will come out for a fun scare.

Both reasons make sense, many are still worried about COVID while others will want to escape the real life horrors for an hour or two for some fun scares.

I've gone to at least one haunted house, barn, field etc very Halloween season I can remember. It's basically a tradition at this point, but I am hesitant this year. I find myself going back and forth on the idea. Leaning more toward going since haunted houses are following CDC guide lines, and many have parts that take place outside. Plus I love a good scare!

So that leads to the question, are you going to a haunted house this year?

If you'd love to check out some haunted house in, and around the QC you cna check here. Many locations promise safe fun scares even during these wild times.

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