Fare thee well Bennigan's. Onto the restaurant pasture in the sky...or whatever happens to restaurants when they leave us.

If you're a fan of the restaurant, you still have some time to order a final meal there, but not much. Bennigan's will close its Rock Island location – it's currently at the Holiday Inn on 17th Street in the downtown area – permanently on Sunday, November 3. According to WQAD, the Bennigan's will be replaced by the Rock Island Ale House.

Construction on the new restaurant is set to begin very quickly after Bennigan's takes its leave. In fact, according to WQAD, "the revamp is expected to be done in late January or early February of 2020."

So, come the new year, we'll have a new local place to frequent. Their Facebook page hasn't revealed much just yet, other than a really delicious looking burger. Then again, I haven't had lunch yet...

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