It's definitely not out of the normal for both parents to work to provide for their family. You just hope that wherever the mother of your child or children is working also understands that she's a mom. Nothing bugs me more when your place of work tries to ignore the fact that you have a family and a life outside of work.

With my wife being a working mom, I'm happy that her place of work treats her so well along with the other women who are moms that work there. But some states aren't as good as they should be. Now that doesn't mean every place of work is terrible to its employees that are moms.

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Luckily for moms in Wisconsin, they should feel good knowing that the businesses in their state rank among the top best for working moms. Where does Iowa and Illinois rank? Not at the bottom but definitely not at the top, unfortunately.

A new study from WalletHub shows that Wisconsin is the 8th best state for working moms. Why so high? Because Wisconsin ranks really good childcare which looks at cost and quality, and the Badger State landed in the top 15 for work-life balance.

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Illinois didn't do too terribly. It landed as the 15th-best state for working moms. Illinois also ranked well in the childcare category but needs work in professional opportunities for working moms.

Between Wisconsin and Illinois, Iowa did the worst. Landing as the 26th-best state for working moms, Iowa also did average in the three key dimensions.

Source: WalletHub

Again, that doesn't mean all Iowa companies treat working moms badly, it's most or less a generalization with some data to back it up.

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