Be careful this doesn't happen to your child.

According to KWQC, Bettendorf resident Amanda Sullivan arrived at Apostolic Assembly Church to pick up her five-year old daughter, Lily, who attends Neil Armstrong Elementary, but Lily never got off the bus. This naturally sent Sullivan into a bit of panic.

It was eventually discovered that Lily was supposed to have transferred buses at the middle school but didn't. Sullivan was never made aware of the bus transfer. She says in preschool, there was an aide for children to make sure situations like this did not happen. Sullivan thinks the use of an aide should continue through elementary school.

Bettendorf School District sent this statement to KWQC in regards to the issue:

I am not originally from the Quad Cities, but I've never heard of students having to transfer buses, especially at such a young age. I can definitely see how it could lead to some confusion when you are trusting children as young as five to be responsible for their logistics. Plus, since it's the beginning of the school year, it was not part of her regular routine yet. I'm glad that the children have passes, but perhaps having the continued help of an aide would also be a good idea.

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