It doesn't get much more iconic than "Can You Feel The Love Tonight." It's one of the best Disney songs in existence. So, when it was announced that the one and only Beyoncé would be singing it as Nala in the live action adaptation of The Lion King, people were understandably stoked.

Then, it was revealed that not only would she take on that classic, but Beyoncé would also be releasing her very own song for the soundtrack. Well, that song is officially here, and it's called "Spirit" — an apt name for the film.

The lyrics read almost as an homage to Mufasa, the greatest king in the stars. And it is absolutely beautiful. However! Here's my thing. It's a perfect end credits song — no more. If this is something Nala sings to Simba within the story, it's going to feel wildly out of place.

Even as just a background song, it'd be off. The Lion King is built around a beautiful score. This is very modern.

Since the movie itself isn't out yet, there's no way to know if that is what the song was designed for. But speaking as a true doesn't work as a character development song.

Of course, this may be an unpopular opinion. Decide for yourself!

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