The 1963 horror classic "The Birds" has given plenty of people nightmares about being dive-bombed by black birds, but now getting pecked at has become a reality for QC residents. KWQC's Ashley Holden shared this Facebook photo a couple of days ago, and it sent shivers down my spine:

One of the station's production team members took the shot of the foreboding sign along Davenport's riverfront. Apparently, blackbirds are extremely territorially and will not hesitate to go off if an innocent bystander dares to invade their nesting area.

According to the comments Ashley got on the photo, plenty of people have encountered the birds as of late and it's happened on both sides of the river. Stories of having to fend off blackbirds while jogging or simply walking out of work were shared. Some people said they were actually attacked by bunches of birds at once, which most definitely invokes the Hitchcock flick. Genuinely creepy stuff.

The good news is that although the blackbirds seem to still be nesting, their breeding season only goes through the end of July, so we should be in the clear very soon. I can't wait until blackbird season is a distant memory...That is, until next year.

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