If you're tired of buffering, slow internet speeds, and constant drop-outs of your internet, it's time to switch to the internet provider that my family and the rest of the Quad Cities trust: MetroNet!

On this page, you will find an exclusive deal from MetroNet that only B100 listeners can get!

Your new fiber optic internet from MetroNet installed for free with B100!

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There is a better choice for internet in the Quad Cities. The better choice is MetroNet and they are expanding throughout the area all while blowing away the competition!

If you are tired of overpaying for inconsistent internet, then you need a dedicated fiber line from MetroNet. MetroNet's 100% fiber optic network operates at the speed of light! Never again will you experience those irritating internet slowdowns and buffering. Plus, when you switch to fiber internet you can get up to 1 gig transfer speeds!

If you're frustrated with your current service provider, MetroNet is offering great deals!

During the month of November, MetroNet is giving new customers who switch 100Mb for $30 per month (plus taxes and fees) with a 12-month price lock. New customers can also get 1Gb for $60 per month(plus taxes and fees) with a 6-month price lock.  Plus MetroNet is throwing in a $100 visa gift card!

Right now you have your new fiber optic internet from MetroNet installed for free! That's a $75 value that you don't have to pay for! When you sign up by clicking here., MetroNet and B100 will not charge you to have your new internet from MetroNet installed!

It's time to make the switch! Get unbelievably fast internet with MetroNet and save money with this exclusive deal with B100! Get MetroNet Fiber today, it's simply a better internet connection.

Make the switch to a better connection, MetroNet, a proud supporter of the Quad Cities #1 Hit Music Station, B100.

Click the photo below to sign up, for your new MetroNet internet installed for free, and make the switch today!

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