You know that one thing you always come back to on Amazon? That really cute sweater, or pair of boots, or furniture for the patio, etc. You always find some reason to convince yourself you don't need it though, right?

Same...usually. But this time, I caved. I'd had my eye on these glasses for awhile.

You've probably heard about blue light blocking glasses, maybe without realizing it. It might've just been someone saying that they have a specific prescription to help them stare at a computer all day long.

The glasses are supposed to filter out blue light rays from electronic screens. After too much time, the light can actually give you a headache. And that's what I was experiencing. So I went for a cheap pair, but still named "Editor's Choice" on Amazon.

I'm a week into owning these, and so far, I'm happy with the purchase! Obviously, they can't keep ALL hurtful light out, and you definitely get quality that matches price. But they're great for working with screens under fluorescent lights everyday.

My headaches have significantly decreased, and when they do get through, they're much shorter.

Sure, my coworkers say they make me look like a grandma but...with the right Snapchat filter, I can't exactly blame them...


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