Hear ye, hear ye, all Midwest royals, you can move into your Chicago palace now.

Bridgeport Castle is in Chicago and it's listed on Zillow for $669,999. It's 3 floors, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1,800 square feet. The real-life non-fairytale address for it is 3410 S. Carpenter Street.

From the outside, it does look like a cool little castle. The little pointy towers have flags, really all it is missing on the exterior is a moat.

But The Aesthetic Stops At The Door.

This castle is like my ex: very nice on the outside but a chaotic mess inside. If the outside is the princess, the inside is the pauper. It's not even cleaned up for the staging pics y'all. You'll see in the pics below that it would need some (maybe a lot) of interior work. There isn't anything about the interior of this house that is unique, which is a shame considering the outside is so signature.

The base level has the living room with coffered ceilings, a dining area, about 3 of what looks like the same couch, and the kitchen, which does have the redeeming qualities of a breakfast bar and granite countertops. There's a loft-style bedroom/recreation room that maybe looks like Cinderella's attic. So maybe that's where the vibe continues?

It's a random nugget inside an otherwise basic-looking neighborhood:


Scroll down to see pics of Bridgeport Castle and brainstorm what additions you would make if you moved in! I would have to add the moat. Just try to break into a house surrounded by a moat.

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