If you are leaving the Quad Cities for a holiday celebration, check these tips before you go.By now, you are packing the car and ready to head out. You're checking the windows to make sure they are locked, you've checked the fridge to make sure there won't be any science experiments when you get back and what else....

It's always interesting to me the little things I tend to forget when going on a trip. Not everyone knows that you aren't supposed to advertise it on social media (unless you have a really great alarm system and a fool-proof plan in place to thwart a robbery). Not everyone knows you need more than one light and a radio on.

KWQC.com has some great tips to keep your home safe while you travel. Here are a few:

"Neighbors can be a big help when you’re out of town, and there’s a number of things you can ask them to do to make it look like your house is being lived-in:
•Arrange for them to put out trashcans on collection day and return them once they’ve been emptied.
•Ask if they can park in your driveway to make it look like people are coming and going.

You can also ask neighbors, friends or relatives to visit your house periodically to make it look like someone is there."

It's a time when your neighbors, friends and family can help while you're away. It's better to ask and be safe than sorry.