You have 60 minutes to gather the clues, solve the riddles and figure out how to escape before the clock expires on you and your teammates. If you loved to play Clue as a kid or enjoyed the movie National Treasure you'll fit right in. Once the door shuts behind you and then locks, you and your team are on your own to figure out how to get out before time expires.

For $22 you and up to seven other friends can pick one of three escape rooms to tackle. The CSI room will put your detective hat on while the Kidnappers Hideout will make your heart race a little faster as you work against the clock to find a way out. The third option is the Pirates Treasure room. This room has the highest scare factor and isn't for the faint of the heart.

You can reserve your time online for Bustout Escape Room. It's the first of it's kind in the Quad Cities and follows a national trend as escape rooms are open in Iowa City and Chicago as well as other larger Midwestern cities.

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