[UPDATE]: Kylee Howell, the Cedar Rapids woman whose car and wedding dress were stolen, says that both have been recovered. The wedding dress is in perfect condition, but her car is a different story. First off, it cost her over $400 to get her vehicle out of lock up and it was completely trashed. The thieves took her car for a joyride for several days without any repercussions.

Howell states, "They trashed the inside of my vehicle leaving ashes, weed crumbles, butts of cigars, and garbage under every seat. All of my makeup was broken and smeared all over my seats windows and so much more. They also stole my daughters carseat, backpack, phone charger, sunglasses, and also some money."

Insurance won't cover all of the things that she lost, so her friends have set up a GoFundMe page for Howell if you'd like to help.

[Original Story]: Finding the dress you'll be married in is supposed to be an unforgettable event. But certainly NOT in the way that Kylee Howell of Cedar Rapids experienced over the weekend.

According to KCRG, Howell and her friends spent the weekend in Davenport and made a day out of picking out just the right dress. After trying on several, Howell found 'the dress'. There were tears and hugs. After seven years and two daughters, Howell and her fiance were finally tying the knot. They'd been saving for a while and were paying for everything themselves. But the wonderful feeling of finding the perfect dress disappeared quickly.

While celebrating at a friend's house later, Howell needed to grab something out of her car. When she stepped outside she realized that her car, and that perfect dress inside it, were both gone. She said that she first thought it might be a joke. But her friend's reaction told her otherwise. She called the police and filed a report, hoping to see her car, and her wedding dress again.

As of Monday night, Davenport police have not located Howell's car or wedding dress. The vehicle is a gray 2015 Kia Sorento with Linn County plates, and has an Iowa Hawkeye sticker of the left side of the rear window.

Friends of Howell have also set up a GoFundMe page. You can donate HERE.

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