Next time you pick up dinner from a drive-through, you might notice something a little different at the end of the lane.

According to KWQC, every drive-through in Moline is now required to have a garbage bin at the end of it. The idea came about after a public service project in the city. According to Mike Wendt, Moline's Third Ward Alderman, the bulk of garbage that ends up in the riverways is from fast food restaurants.

It seems to be a good idea in theory. This way, you can throw out straw and food wrappers as soon as you tear them off in the car. My concern is, what happens to the garbage when you aren't just headed straight home?

Lots of people will stop in a drive-through during a long road trip. As they move on to their destination, what's to stop them from throwing garbage out the window then? Even so, it's a step in the right direction.

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