Ryan McVay

It was real-life horror when these Iowa kids walked out of their movie.

Imagine your movie getting over and when you leave, no lights are on, no staff is around and all the doors are locked. You are unable to leave. Do you raid the goodie station and wait it out? Or, do you throw a chair through the doors hoping to escape?

Both scenarios went through my mind and that's just me, as an adult thinking about possible solutions, sans cell phone, of course. However, when you're a young kid, I'm sure sheer panic set in and that, in and of itself, is a scary situation to be in.

According to a story from the DesMoinesRegister.com, three kids were locked in a Des Moines movie theater after they went to the later showing of Avengers:Endgame. Their Mom went to Secret Life of Pets 2 with a younger sibling in the same theater. Since the Avengers movie is 3 hours long, she decided to visit a nearby strip mall to pass the time.

"When she returned, she saw a darkened lobby and no adults in sight.

“Nobody was in there,” Huff said. “I couldn’t get inside, and it was completely dark.”

Huff said she was about to call the police when the children came running out of the dark."

The theater offered an apology for the 'traumatic experience' and declined an interview with The Des Moines Register.

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