This week in the Quad Cities is a tale as old as time, drastic weather changes. The weather has been all over the place, warm on Monday, windy yet nice on Tuesday, cold and windy for Wednesday, and it looks like Thursday and Friday will also be a bit cold.

Brrr! With the strong winds, temperatures in the 30s are feeling like the 20s for most of us this morning. Hope you have an extra layer!

Posted by KWQC TV6 News on Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Thankfully the Midwest is known for drastic weather changes, and we will be seeing much warmer temps this weekend. If Monday's weather didn't kick off your spring fever this weekend just might.

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According to KWQC we could be seeing temperatures hitting the 70s. Which means a lot of Midwesterners will be breaking out the shorts! I can't wait to start driving with my windows down!

My friends have been talking about getting their pools ready, and already looking ahead to summer. I am hoping to just enjoy the weather with a hike, or walk with family. Let us know your plans through our B100 social media!

Just push through the next few cold days Quad Cities!


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