It's been almost 30 years since ComedySportz first came to Rock Island. Phrased like that, it almost sounds like they were pioneers right? Well, they kind of were. ComedySportz was the first comedy club in Rock Island in 1990. (There's only been nine in total over the years).

They started at The Speakeasy, and after 20 years there, moved on over to The Establishment. Now, after nine years at The Establishment, ComedySportz is leaving Rock Island.

Fortunately, they aren't leaving the Quad Cities entirely! In fact, with this move, you'll be able to see a show on either side of the Mississippi. According to Our Quad Cities, ComedySportz will be performing at The Spotlight Theatre in Moline, and One Voice QC in Davenport.

Per the announcement, ComedySportz will still have shows at The Establishment through the end of May. They will start performing at their new venues in July and August. (Moving takes time!)

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