Back in May, we learned that ComedySportz would be leaving Rock Island. The good news was, they simply went over the bridge to Davenport. But this time, ComedySportz is making a permanent exit.

According to WVIK, after a 30 year run in the Quad Cities, ComedySportz will perform four final shows this month, and take its bow for good. But worry not! You'll still be able to go out for a night of laughs. In its place, comes something new. Per WVIK, the group will be converted to "G.I.T Improv that will host shows with local and national comedians."

The new group is planning to host roughly 150 shows per year, which comes out to about three shows per week. The G.I.T. group won't wait until the new year to make their entrance though.

Once ComedySportz wraps up their final shows, the G.I.T. group is set to perform some adult shows in December, as well as a Christmas show.

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