The Joker movie is making waves once again in Hollywood. It seems as though this movie can't stay out of the lime light with 11 Academy Awards Nominations.

When it first came out there was talk of it glorifying bad people, or justifying bad actions. There was also protests against the movies. And then when Joaquin Phoenix won a Golden globe for best actor he went on a rant which was also controversial.

CNN made a tweet about the nominations, and many others took to twitter to talk about their feelings on this. Many fans were excited to see this. They couldn't wait to see a super hero movie finally get noticed.

Others were very upset by this. Many felt as though having this movie up with others was an insult to great movies. Others agreed that it was a good movie, but there was much better ones. Some going as far to say that this was a form of 'white washing' and that this just proves there is a lack of diversity in Hollywood.

I personally was a fan of the movie, and was happy to see it nominated, but can see where the upset is coming from. Many points on why this movies shouldn't be getting 11 nominations is more than fair.

A quote by Josiah Lydon really sums up what a lot of people who hated the 'Joker' thought of this nomination. "Seeing Joker and The Irishman nominated next to each other is like seeing Led Zepplin and Greta Van Fleet nominated together."

With another split between people, it seems like the Joker movie will always bring controversies with it. To see a full list of nominations you can check here.

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