Okay, I'm all for making healthy foods taste better. After all, most vegetable taste better with unhealthy toppings; broccoli tastes awesome smothered in cheese, and celery is great with peanut butter. But this seems a little extreme.

Someone somewhere has invented cotton candy grapes. For real. They look like plain old green grapes, but supposedly taste just like cotton candy. It's a great idea in theory; take something healthy, make it taste like candy and the kids will love it.

The good news is, you can test that theory yourself! These grapes are available in the Quad Cities, at the Sam's Club in Davenport. You can get three pounds for $10!

Personally, I'll be keeping a distance from these. Grapes can be pretty sweet to begin with. Adding cotton candy flavoring would be a bit much for my stomach to handle. Would you try them? Would it get your kids to take fruit in their lunch?

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