We are just days away from August, and for some people, that basically signals the start of Fall. Schools are starting back up, and stores are already selling Halloween candy. (Seriously, Target is on top of their game).

This year though, it seems stores aren't the only ones looking to start early. According to CBS News, a petition to change the date of Halloween has gained nearly 100,000 signatures. These people are hoping to move Halloween from the last day of the month, to the last Saturday of the month.

The letter is addressed to the president, and with that many signatures, you might think it's a possibility that this will happen. But realistically, it probably won't. Halloween isn't a federal holiday, so the President has no control over changing it.

Halloween is based on old Celtic traditions, and was designated to be observed on October 31st, by Pope Gregory III in the 8th century.

I guess that means we take the idea to the Pope?


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