Well folks, we might have to wait even longer to get our chocolate cake shakes and Italian beefs. The Quad Cities Portillo's location is facing yet another roadblock.

It's been a bumpy ride but in the last few weeks, the restaurant zoning did get approved. Portillo's is supposed to arrive in 2019. Or at least, that was the plan. But now the plan is hitting a new hurdle; the city of Davenport is actually being sued for it.

Nine homeowners are responsible for serving the city with this case, claiming that Davenport officials didn't follow the zoning ordinance in seven different ways. One of those ways was not notifying all impacted property owners. They also say the city named the wrong ordinance in its re-zoning notice.

With all the other zoning issues this process has faced, could this be the one that actually halts the process? I'd guess it'll at least delay things.

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