A video that was posted 3 years Ago on YouTube by Vsauce3 makes it's rounds through social media every year around the holidays, asking the question we've all had after seeing Home Alone. "Could Those Thieves, Aka the wet sticky bandits, survive those traps?"

This video takes a look at some of the most Iconic traps from the movie, and very quickly shows you the real life affects of a  paint can to the head, or a crow bar to the chest. Long story short, it's not a fun time for those criminals, and they for sure would not be getting back up.

I see this video every year on Facebook, and twitter. I watch it every time. It's become a bit of a tradition to watch that poor dummy get hit with a paint can on the stairs. It's a fun light-hearted look at what Hollywood makes up. All I know is I'm just glad my siblings and I didn't try these traps on each other!

Home Alone is an iconic holiday movie, you can see what your states favorite holiday movie is by checking out this article here. 

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