Ketchup has to be one of our favorite condiments. I personally am not a huge fan but I won't turn my nose to it if its on something.  It goes on just about everything. 86% of people put ketchup on French fries and 85% put it on burgers, according to a new survey.  But from that point on, the survey goes WAY off the rails. There are some things ketchup should NOT go on.

Here are some of the MUCH stranger foods that people put ketchup on.

Check 'em out . . .

1.  Fried chicken, 42% put ketchup on it. (Do chicken nuggets count?)

2.  Scrambled eggs, 37%. (This isn't bad.)

3.  Potato chips, 14%. (I guess?)

4.  Pizza, 13%. (Maybe a bacon cheeseburger pizza.)

5.  Steak or pot roast, 10%. (I went out with someone once that ruined a $25 steak.)

6.  Pasta, 8%. (Huh?)

7.  Nachos, 5%. (Maybe if you dress it up with some chili powder.)

8.  Chinese food, 3%. (You're joking right?)

9.  Pancakes, 2%. (What the...?)

10.  Ice cream, 1%. (O.K. What sick person is doing this?)



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