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Free COVID-19 testing is returning to Rock Island this Thursday, and Quad City Illinois residents have until Sunday to take advantage of the free testing.

According to our news partner, Local 4 News, a community-based COVID-19 testing site is returning to Rock Island this Thursday, September 17. Testing will be available starting Thursday, and last through Sunday, September 20.

The free testing site will be located at the QCCA Expo Center located at 2621 4th Avenue in Rock Island. The site will be open each day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Like previous testing sites on the Illinois side of the Quad Cites, testing is only for Illinois residents and is free for Illinois residents. Those wanting to get tested can so whether they have symptoms or not, and they do not need a doctor’s referral. Those that get tested in Rock Island this week will have to provide identification and contact information.

Local 4 News says that even though this test is free, those with insurance may be asked to provide their insurance card.

Illinois residents who get tested must be seated in a vehicle with a functioning window when at the test site. Once they are there, people getting tested will not be allowed to leave their vehicle. Walk-up service is available and there are directions at the test site.

Because of high demand for the free tests, officials say wait times may be long.

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