The dating phenomenon known as 'cuffing season' is here and there are some things single QCA folks need to keep in mind.

Let's start with the basics: in the dating world, 'cuffing season' happens around the holidays. Single people are lonely and want to be linked ('cuffed') to someone, whether it's because they've watched too many Hallmark movies or to avoid interrogation from their families at the holidays. If you want to get specific about it, Shape says cuffing season starts in October and ends in February.

It's getting cold, pumpkin patches are a thing, and the casual summer dating is behind us in the QC so now is the time we're redownloading the dating apps and hoping for something decent. Lol.


If you're entering the dating scene again (which, remember, is a cesspool around here) in the hopes of finding someone to snuggle through the holidays and winter with, there are a few things you need to make sure you're clear on first.

Cuffing Season Commandments


As the Bachelorette of the QC who has been through many a cuffing season, I'm here to remind you to keep your head on straight and give you some tips on navigating the lonely season without making bad choices.

6. Be Clear On Expectations

This should be a given any time of the year but especially one as vulnerable as now. Do you want something that lasts past February? Or are you good to wrap it up once it warms up? Either is fine, just communicate that to your boo.

5. The Holidays Are A Beast

Are you taking your partner to any holiday parties? Are you even allowed to bring a plus-one? Will you be meeting each other's families? Also, what about gift-giving? Are you setting a price limit for each other? If you're getting each other anything? Answers to these questions come from whether you're Team Long-Term or not.


4. Don't Ghost In The Spring

If you want the relationship to end once it warms up, that's totally fine. But end it as gracefully as you can, which does not involve ghosting your winter snuggle partner.

3. Get Your Cheesy Hallmark On

Just go all in on the cheese. Plan the stereotypical winter dates: the ice skating, the hot cocoa nights in, the Festival of Trees in Davenport. You wanted to be cuffed during the holidays, why not run the whole race with it?


2. You Can Still Have Fun (And Less Drama) Single

It's absolutely hard to be single this time of the year but you can still find ways to brighten up your days. After all, it's the holidays, there are plenty of parties, charity events, and things you can get involved in to help take your mind off of not being cuffed. And if it's really deeply bugging you, chat with a mental health professional.

1. Remember Spring Will Come Around

This is why setting expectations very early is important. Being cuffed is snuggly and fun in the winter, but if short-term is the way you and your partner chose, it will come to an end.

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