Culver's will be adding a couple of new custard flavors to it's menu this summer.

A visit to Wisconsin-based Culver's has quickly become a weekend staple for me since moving to Iowa. They're known for their Butterburgers and their cold desserts and this summer, they're adding in new custard flavors to their menus.

According to NBC Chicago, Culver's will be adding in two flavors "after an extensive period of recipe development and testing": Lemon Berry Layer Cake and Dark Chocolate PB Crunch.

NBC Chicago describes the Lemon Berry Layer Cake as "vanilla frozen custard with mixed berries, tart and tangy lemon, and butter cake pieces". If you have a sweeter tooth, the Dark Chocolate PB Crunch is "dark chocolate frozen custard with Butterfinger pieces, and a ribbon of gooey peanut butter".

The Lemon Berry Layer Cake custard will appear on menus as soon as June 10th, while the Dark Chocolate PB Crunch will make it's debut on July 10th. Culver's says that the flavors will be available to order on the days of their release and then they will be rotated into the "Flavor of the Day" calendars.

Culver's In The QCA

There are plenty of Culver's locations in the Quad Cities. There are two in Davenport (one on West Kimberly, another on Jersey Ridge Road), one in Moline (on 38th Avenue), and one in Bettendorf (on Spruce Hills Drive).

There are 131 Culver's locations in Illinois and 36 in Iowa. You can see the map of the closest ones to you on Culver's website.

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