There are dating apps for everything. Farmers, African Americans, Religious people, LGBTQ. Now there is one for politics. Even more specifically there is a dating site just for President Donald Trump supporters. There isn't really much gray area when it comes to President Trump. Most people either love him or hate him. The people who love him REALLY love him and will defend him to their grave. In fact, President trump supporters will not only stand up for their President, but they also seem more likely to stick together with other followers. So I think this dating site will actually be successful. I am one of the rare people in the gray area when it comes to President Trump. He is my president and I have accepted that. I do not blame him for any of my problems. One thing I can say is that President Trump is rich and successful so if his followers are any more drive than he does then we should have some power couples forming from this dating website. The catch phrase of is "Making Dating Great Again".

Find your fellow Donald Trump supporter soulmate here.

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