If you're a resident of Davenport or Blue Grass and received a text message about a t-shirt sale happening with either of the fire departments, you need to delete that text now. Both the Davenport and Blue Grass residents have reported receiving a text about a t-shirt sale using their fire department's respective names.

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On Wednesday, both the Davenport and Blue Grass fire departments put out a social media post regarding a text being sent to residents' phones about a t-shirt sale with both departments. Many residents in both towns have received a text message from unknown numbers claiming they are selling t-shirts for the Davenport and Blue Grass fire departments.

The text message also comes with a link on how to purchase said t-shirts and claims the shirts are "Only (Available) For Some Days."

In Wednesday's social media post, the Davenport Fire Department acknowledge the reports from residents and said the text was a scam. The Davenport Fire Department also said in the post,

"The Davenport Fire Department is not sending these text messages and warns people not to click on the link if you receive such a message. The Davenport Fire Department is not selling t-shirts and is not affiliated with this in any form."

The Blue Grass Fire Department reported the same scam impacting residents Wednesday morning. Officials said that fire departments are not sending text messages to people to purchase t-shirts and are not seeing any money from the sale of the shirts that residents will also never see.

Similar to officials from the Davenport Fire Department, the Blue Grass Fire Department tells residents to not click on the link in the text message.

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