On Jan. 9 an armed robbery of a Pizza Hut delivery driver occurred. This led to the police finding two men the night of, a short pursuit occurred and Police detained two people. Irankunda Etienne, 21, of Rock Island, and Jermonni Parks, 18, of Rock Island.

Parks and Etienne each were charged with first-degree robbery and possession of a firearm by a felon.

The next person to be charged was Minani Allin, 18, of Rock Island, who was arrested Feb. 18, and charged with first-degree robbery and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Finally the fourth arrest was made Tuesday, Rock Island Police arrested Nibitanga Salvator, 19, on a charge of resisting a peace officer.

According to QConline On Feb. 6, while still being on the run from the armed robbery of the pizza delivery driver, Salvator was arrested by Bettendorf Police after he and someone else were caught burglarizing six vehicles in Bettendorf.

Salvator is now being charged with seven counts of third-degree burglary from a motor vehicle. Along with being charged with one count of first-degree theft.

As officers arrived Salvator and his accomplice in the vehicle robberies fled on foot. Police caught the accomplice, but Salvator drove away in a Prius that had been stolen earlier out of Rock Island. Salvator crashed the Prius into two signs at 12th Street and Mississippi Boulevard. Salvator then fled on foot and avoided officers for more than three miles.

Salvator was eventually caught in Davenport at 3rd and Iowa streets. This intense event seems to final be over. More information can be found here.

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